• Bart

    I suppose if their imaginary god is the warlike, death loving, genocidal beast it is portrayed as in the Old testament , then he’d want his name asociated with military might. On the otherhand wouldn’t the “prince of Peace” wonder WTF his name is doing on or associated with anything militaristic?

    But hey… reason doesn’t come easy to the religiously afflcited. Biblical versus on rifles, “spiritual training” in the military, proselytizing in the service academys, army sponsered prayer meetings, persecution of atheists in Ft. Bragg – God, death, war and the military seem to just feed off eachother.

    Perhaps emblazing “Allah Akbar!” on the Air Force crest would make a thoughtful substitution…. or at least prompt an awakening of the insanity of this god and guns fixation. .

    “prince of peace” my butt.

  • gilhow

    Tough! The Air Force is a public institution, just like public schools. It is sectarian even though individual members might be religious–though I saw very little of that in the military. Religious people have no right to use public institutions to evangelize their religious mythology. Anyone who tries to violate the First Amendment of our Constitution by invading the public domain with their religions only proves their homes, their churches, their private places, and their private lives are insufficient venues for their religion. That reflects the weakness and insecurity of religion when noise and numbers are needed to provide any semblance of security.

  • Bart

    Randy Forbes is a religious fanatic; pro-prayer in school, anti-gay, against abortion even for rape and incest; promotes creationism in public schools, is a history revisionist as it relates to the Founding Fathers and their position on religion in government; and thinks of this as a “Christian Nation”.

    The mindlessness of fanatcis like Forbes is down right scary. That people still vote for them is an affirmation that we live in Idiot America.