• gilhow

    Timothy Dolan is the rankest politician of all the bishops of the Catholic Church, including Benedict who presumes he only needs to speak with the “authority” of the Vatican–or tell Dolan to do it–to fool everyone or make them cower. That is precisely why Benedict moved Dolan from Wisconsin to New York, and then forced the U.S. bishops to “elect” Dolan president of their U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops, putting a grinding halt to that group’s long-held tradition of moving the vice-president into the president’s slot when the latter’s term is ended. It is good for the rest of us that Dolan is such a poor politician, no better than Rick Santorum, also of the extreme religious right, or he could do a lot more damage to democracy in this country. There’s too little of it left as it is, thanks to his cohorts in the Republican Party who constantly join him in attempting to breach our constitutional wall of separation between the state and churches. History constantly shows that religion is the most terrorizing enemy of civil government, especially when there’s any effort to make such governments “of (all) the people, by (all) the people, and for (all) the people.” There has never been “Equal Justice Under Law” when religion has been allowed to play a part.