Re-branding a religion is hard to do, and not always successful

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RNS photo courtesy Reagan Rothenberger/Wikimedia Commons.

RNS photo courtesy Reagan Rothenberger/Wikimedia Commons.

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(RNS) Conventional wisdom in advertising and marketing agrees that as tempting as it is for the Southern Baptists to try to solve a missionary slump with a marketing campaign, religious groups -- like commercial businesses -- should think twice before undergoing a brand overhaul. By David Gibson.

  • Sabelotodo2

    Out West many Southern Baptists have merely voted with their feet–preferring to throw in with the big-box “community churches.” A few of these soft-pedal their associations with Evangelical Presbyterians–affectionately known as “Baptists With Brokers”–for their appeal to upscale young professionals.

    Marketers may be fascinated by the way the “community church” generic brand has become an attractive melting pot of spouses from differing religious traditions, along with refugees from the Baptist, pentecostal and other fundamentalist traditions who want to dump the accumulated baggage and fit-in with the masses of newcomers to Christianity.

    Of course what most everyone from the evangelical world, knows but won’t say publicly, is that the real brand of any church, is the personality of the senior pastor!


  • banshish

    The two differences that the writer picked are probably the most important differences between Catholic and Baptist Christianity, although lay observers might go for more obvious stuff like celibate-versus-married clergy. I say, good job in a small space.