Splinter churches realign mainline Protestantism

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RNS photo courtesy  Carter Askren / The Metro Lutheran.

RNS photo courtesy Carter Askren / The Metro Lutheran.

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(RNS) The question now is whether these breakaway Anglican, Lutheran and Presbyterian groups signal a seismic shift in American Protestantism, or just a few fissures in the theological terrain. By Daniel Burke.

  • JW1951

    It is repulsive to say Christians have no choice but to cave in ! Please note many true believers leave the hypocrits at the pulpit daily. Any one serious about searching for God will not listen to the Leaders of the Churches today for very long without seeing the lack of Bible teaching. Like the early Christians ….search…seek ….and you shall find. Not without God’s help. It is a promise from God through His son. Jesus said we shall know the truth and the truth is not painful…but sets us free from apostate teaching. 10,000 religions out there! Obviously a scam of Satan to get as many new ones started as possible. Each one having their own twist or turn that is from Human thinkig and not God’s The churches are a source of much wasted Time and Money! They seek mans will and not Gods Are you wondering Who Jesus should vote For??? Which baseball game he should bless….or football team He wants to win? Maybe he should tell you which stocks to by or what is the best President for the job? Hmmm! Daniel 2:44 makes it clear that He is the unbeatable candidate selected by God to do the cleaning of the earth….not just the USA. So make it your aim to search God’s word inside and out before you choose where your support should go. An informed choice! The only hope for mankind is God’s Kingdom. Jesus said it is NO PART OF THIS WORLD! Hence what part of NO PART OF is fuzzy or unclear?