After losing school job, gay teacher loses church job

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FLORISSANT, Mo. (RNS) A Catholic school music teacher who was recently fired after church officials learned that he planned to marry his male partner of 20 years has been fired from a second position as a music director at a suburban Catholic church. By Elizabethe Holland.

  • Bart

    Well, the church doesn’t want all that gay music like “YMCA” or “In the Navy”.
    Besides, next thing you know employing a gay person, especially one who wants to enter into a legally recognized long term relationship, could lead to priests wanting to have sex with boys. The church doesn’t want any of that, no sir-ree. You know how that gay thing spreads like wildfire.

    That the cruelty, gross hypocrisy, and ignorance of the Church can be ignored – NO, supported and enabled- by lay Catholics, is a never ending source of amazement to me.

    But I suppose the teacher got off easy. He could have been burned at the stake.

  • Buzzy

    Bart, you seem to be as closed minded as you claim the Catholic Church is. If I were a member of the American Nazi Party and I worked for a Jewish instituation (for whatever reason) and it was found out that I was a member of the American Nazi Party would not this Jewish instituation be within their right to fire me? The Church is not a secular body and as such does not work the smae way secular bodies work. Also, Bart, this teacher was not fired because he was gay. He was fired because he openly admitted that he is involved in a gay relationship. As unfair as you and the other so called freethinkers ( a very obvious mislabel if there ever were one) may think this is it is the right of any religion to hire or fire those that do not share their religious views.

  • Michael Payne

    If sexual deviancy is to be tolerated, then why not consensual pedophilia? How about Beastial marriage with all veterinary care payed for? Why burry our dead or as Christians have begun the pagan practice of cremation, why not harvest the meat like pagans have done for milenia? If we will not hearken to God’s Word, why not do whatever we want. For that matter, if you stand against the Word of God, then there is no such thing as right or wrong and Hitler and Stalin are no worse than you gargling mouth wash and killing millions of germs. The real issue is Bart wants to live by humanist standards, but humanist standards will turn out to be much worse than he ever bargained for. I did not write this to be crass, but people must be forced to live consistently in their worldview to see the folly of it. Grace and Peace!