• jalnor

    Avoid passing any Episcopal Church in case the ground opens up and swallows it.

  • JW1951

    Was there a warning example in the Holy Scriptures of this practice? Anyone serious about pleasing the only True God would be reminded there is a clear answer to this!
    The word Church usually means the people there belong to God or want to please God.
    Hence when they bring in such practices that God condemns they worship in vain. What would Jesus do? Since His main goal was preach and teach what God commanded he would not approve of Sodom and Gommorah types. He did state “repent and be saved”
    This does not qualify as a Christian teaching. The Judge is Jesus! True to his word He will judge this issue. When leaders say do not Judge…okay…let the words of the Holy Scriptures make the clear Judgement. As the comment above states it will be a ground opening event that will make it clear. Again anyone serious about this needs to pray and thank God for the true light of His word. There was fire and sulfur that rained on the area known for these ” un natural” acts. Normal plumbing of the human body tells us how to reproduce. The AIDS virus tells us that something is very very wrong with acts that God disapproves of. Unclean…un healthy..not normal. So if they want to call it a church but do not want to do God’s will…stay away. Stay Home. Find the True Religion not false hood of Serious judgement will occur. The apostle Paul stated that some where like that before they began to live a life that followed Jesus The light got brighter for them as they could see Jesus would not approve. Please don’t follow men and blind guides..as they fall into the pit!

  • MJ

    There are strictures in Leviticus against homosexuality. There are also strictures in Leviticus against eating lobster. And both have about the same amount of weight. And both existed at a time when there was a cultural/anthropological reason for them.

    How can you claim to minister to all people, when you exclude certain groups? Or deny them part of your liturgy? It is hypocritical to say, we will observe this stricture and not that one. We will accept this group and not that one. OR worse, we will accept this group, but not allow them in fully because they are different than us.

  • Robert

    I am delighted that the Episcopal Church has produced a same-sex rite liturgy. Sure it will have critics (witness one of the early online comments) but the time has come for the Christian Church as a whole to get over its homophobia and welcome God’s gay children as part of God’s family. It is sad that some professing Christians evidence so little love and light when talking about other Christians – claiming to have inside information as to how God will judge other people.