Crystal Cathedral downfall offers cautionary tale

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Religion News Service photo courtesy Crystal Cathedral.

Religion News Service photo courtesy Crystal Cathedral.

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(RNS) As members of the extended Schuller family leave the helm of the dwindling Crystal Cathedral, the sad fate of the congregation in the iconic glass-walled church offers a cautionary tale of family-run ministries. By Adelle M. Banks.

  • CGDoc

    The entire story of the demise of this famous ministry is extremely sad. I believe that it boils down to when Robert A. Schuller was forced to leave the ministry by his father. For years while he was being groomed for the role, he emulated his father in every way. Toward the end, he started to develop his own personality and his own style of preaching. It was at that point things seemed to change, for the better. Personally, I believe if Robert A. was given the opportunity to be his own person and minister in his own style, the Crystal Cathedral would be very much alive and thriving today.

    Instead, with the addition of Sheila Schuller Coleman and her family this once loved church crumbled due to lack luster sermons and greed.

  • wulfrano.ruizsainz

    The old man had hypnotic qualities which his son did not. This why the “ministry” ended on a sour family note.

  • JW1951

    The Family fued…but no good answers! They are full of themselves and not the Holy Spirit. Fleece the flock…take the money…put it in the pockets! Keep the $$$ coming in until the sheep are skinned and homeless. Then change the tactics and the name. Anyone recall PTL club? Can you say Greed and Corruption? Can YOU say Jail Time?
    They will reappear with a new shell game! Where’s the money? Who saw it last? I thought you had it! Only thing missing from this is some Politics to make it really clear what can cause the division among the false teachers!
    These that support burning in Hellfire…how many times have you gone to a funeral of a relative that lived a terrible life…drunk and immoral …only to find the Preacher never put him in Hell however stated that he is now with God in Heaven? Sorry but the Judgment is torment( according to false teachings) please find truth and comfort in the Holy Scriptures where it states all we need to do to please God and survive His day of anger. BIG BIG money lost to false teachers. Keep on the watch that you are not tempted to follow men and there MEGA churches !