Poll: Catholics don’t see contraception mandate as threat to religious freedom

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RNS photo via istockphoto.com

RNS photo via istockphoto.com

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Even though Catholic bishops are leading the charge that the new White House contraception mandate is a threat to religious liberty, Catholics reject -- by a 57 to 38 percent margin -- the idea that religious liberty is under siege, according to a new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute and Religion News Service.

  • VivaPapa

    The author of this article obviously can’t interpret statistics. She states “A strong 60 percent of Catholics say religiously affiliated colleges should have to comply,” But in fact, the survey says “Less than half of white Catholics believe that churches (43%), religiously affiliated colleges (43%), social service agencies (44%), and hospitals (48%) should be required to include contraception coverage in their insurance plans.”

  • justyntoo

    the law of the land – the bill of rights – says government shall not make any law which will interfeer with religious beliefs – example – zion coptic church , may use marijana in its religious services exemption of federal law . but – all must have obama care and its subscripts . abortion is call ed by some as contraceptives – and any religion that is against abortion must pay for others abortion . if its just the pill or condoms then go to a drug store , i do not want to pay for it -never have , never will. this tension is being used to divide people of faith . fear of the lord is known to cause people who might sin to think twice and not sin – years ago fear of becoming a parent cause some to not engage in risky behavier . with contraceptives came a new game – but now the push must be to be carefull about the methods of contraception , some contraceptives are also used to cause the newly formed child to be killed as well as obvious invasive abortion these forms of contraception are against the comandment of do not kill , the other forms encourage lust fullfillment against the sixth commandment . we as catholics can not stop someone from choosing their lifes course but we do not have to pay for it . nor will we be forced by babie killing obama ( he voted to allow the doctor to kill any baby that might live thru an abortion)