Evangelicals voting in record numbers in GOP primaries

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RNS photo courtesy Gage Skidmore.

RNS photo courtesy Gage Skidmore.

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(RNS) Evangelicals are turning out in record numbers in the GOP presidential primaries — a full 50 percent of GOP voters — and providing crucial support and momentum to the campaign of Rick Santorum. By David Gibson.

  • banshish

    Evangelicals need to remember that our country was founded on the basis of separation of church and state. Women will lose ground on all the advances we have made. Always remember, women had to fight for the right to vote in this country and were beaten in the streets by men. Finally in 1920 the right to vote for women was made. That was not that long ago when you think about it. Now in 2012 we have Santorum that seems so anti women’s rights that it is scary, as he wraps his political ideas in his religious views. While I am a Christian, I do not expose his limited views on women. http://vacuumcleanerreviews101.org