Son says sibling rivalry fueled Crystal Cathedral downfall

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RNS photo by Steve Anderson Photography.

RNS photo by Steve Anderson Photography.

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(RNS) As the Crystal Cathedral tries to find its footing without any members of founder Robert H. Schuller's family, the only son and one-time successor who resigned four years ago says sibling rivalry played a key role in the California megachurch's decline. By Adelle M. Banks.

  • gilhow

    Well, it’s good that something “unfortunate” put an end to yet another family religious empire. Good reason to believe that Jesus was the son of a virgin and had no siblings, right?

    We have the Billy Graham empire that is becoming a farce.

    We have the Jerry Falwell empire that had a church and a university to split among the two sons in that fiasco.

    What was his name, Jimmy Baker? His and Tammy Faye’s son tried to replace the mess their crimes dissolved.

    There was that guy who climbed a tower out in Oklahoma, I think, waiting for God to work some miracle.

    Jimmy Swaggart was caught with a prostitute and then obtained some of that stuff they use in Hollywood to make tears run down cheeks by blinking an eye, but Swaggart had to carry on like a banshee to try to make it as good a show as he put on in his church.

    Ted Haggard, another Oklahoman, got caught with a male prostitute proving that he wasn’t only committing sex sins but queer ones.

    Only goes to show that the Catholic Church has no monopoly on sex sins and other dysfunctions. The evangelical fundamentalists just don’t have the power of the international monarchy of the Vatican ready to jump in to manufacture a cover-up of the same breadth as Catholics. And they don’t have Peter’s Pence from foolish pew warmers who “pray, pay, and obey” and hand over their hard-earned dollars to the bishops and the Vatican to hire sleazy lawyers and accountants to manage that dirty end of the cover-up crimes.

    Who claims that religion is about being good? There were the Crusades. There were the Unholy Inquisitions. There were the Reformation battles. There was Trent and Vatican I shoved down the throats of the minority, subservient bishops who hadn’t left those councils and gone home. Oh yeah, there was Nicaea in 325, managed by the Emperor Constantine to take over the communities of Jesus followers for his political ends. That was the beginning of the end of “Christianity.”

    There was a genuine and good council, Vatican II, called by Good John XXIII to open windows and clean out the foul air, but John Paul II and now Benedict have used all their energy and the people’s money to slam those windows shut and “reform the reform.”

    What’s to be admired about religion? It’s another deceitful, big business used by deceitful charlatans to empty the pockets and purses of foolish, trusting people looking for magical solutions to the problems of life in this world. It’s not just Christianity, either.

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