Why Ross Douthat thinks we’re ‘a nation of heretics’

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RNS photo by Josh Haner/New York Times

RNS photo by Josh Haner/New York Times

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(RNS) New York Times columnist Ross Douthat doesn't mince words in his new book "Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics."  In an interview with Religion News Service, Douthat explains his definition of heresy, why he thinks Mitt Romney and President Obama are both heretics, and why more Americans should argue about religion. By Daniel Burke.

  • fathercarldiederichs@gmail.com

    I judge my faithfulness to Jesus by how I truly care for others. Heresy, I think, could be quite simple to detect. Do you love and care for others/ Do you love your enemies? Do you hunger and thirst for justice? Do you think peace comes from non-violence? If I say no to any of the above, I am probably a heretic.

    But then, I know that even my worse sin of heresy is forgiven, even before I commit the sin!

  • Daniel Burke

    Thanks for your comment, Father Carl. What do you make of Douthat’s point about calling other people “heretics”? Is it a helpful and necessary part of living in a pluralistic democracy?