Kirk Cameron: From prime-time heartthrob to ‘Hollywood freak’

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RNS photo courtesy Pyro Pictures

RNS photo courtesy Pyro Pictures

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(RNS) Former TV child star Kirk Cameron knows he is now the darling of only a certain segment of America. "I'm kind of a Hollywood freak," he says. "I didn't really turn out the way most people turn out growing up in this industry." By Lauren Markoe.

  • collins54

    I think it is a compliment to be called a freak by today’s secularist extremists. Where did Cameron say he hated homosexuals?

  • Kirry

    The left wing media doesn’t understand the concept of separating someones behavior from the person. Love the sinner, hate the sin. This is not a concept they understand. So they interpret our outspoken hate for the sins as hatred of the people themselves. This should open our eyes to the way they feel about us. If they don’t understand the concept of not hating someone just because you disagree w/ their point of view, what does that mean about how they feel about us? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. The hate speech coming from the leftist agenda groups should be enough to scare even the most skeptical. The hypocrisy of the “tolerance” movement is astounding. They want us to “tolerate” their sins and hate speech against us but they wont tolerate our faith. Amazing.