Guest Commentary: Rallying around the sisters

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RNS photo courtesy Maryknoll Archives

RNS photo courtesy Maryknoll Archives

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CHICAGO (RNS) When the Vatican ordered a crackdown on the largest group of U.S. sisters, accusing them of spending too much time "promoting issues of social justice," I was stunned, though perhaps I shouldn't have been, given Rome's historic failure to support its best and brightest. By Julia Lieblich.

  • gilhow

    Anyone who followed recent Catholic Church history, especially through the term of John Paul II who appointed Pope Ratzinger to be his doctrine/practice enforcer for twenty-four years, shouldn’t be the least surprised at any of the moves Ratzinger has made in his backtracking from Vatican II while continuing to pay it lip service. “Reform of the reform.” “Leaner and meaner church.” Those are Benedict attitudes. He is presiding over a dwindling church, and the sooner the Catholic Church is rid of Vatican management, the better chance it will have since the Emperor Constantine invaded Christianity when he called the Council of Nicaea in 325. The Catholic Church will only survive after it is resolved into national churches that operate on their own with full lay participation. Clericalism must be totally eliminated. Clericalism, dominated by Pope Ratzinger, is raising its destructive head once more just as it did in the murderous torturous Crusades and Inquisitions. That in the name of Jesus! And Timothy Dolan of New York dares to rave about religious liberty as he prates, not prays, for Benedict!

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