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Guest Commentary: Rallying around the sisters

CHICAGO (RNS) When the Vatican ordered a crackdown on the largest group of U.S. sisters, accusing them of spending too much time “promoting issues of social justice,” I was stunned, though perhaps I shouldn't have been, given Rome's historic failure to support its best and brightest. By Julia Lieblich.

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Standard in Syracuse, N.Y.

Sikhs launch mobile app to report profiling

Sikh civil rights activists will unveil a mobile phone application next week that they say allows air travelers who believe they have been profiled by TSA airport screeners to file complaints directly from their phones. By Omar Sacirbey.

WednesdayâÂ?Â?s Religion News Roundup: Joel Osteen on Mitt Romney, Joe the Plumber on Barack Obama, Paul Ryan on Catholicism

It’s official: Mitt Romney is a Christian. Joel Osteen tells me so. Osteen is also set to sell out Nationals Park for a prosperity prayer rally this Saturday. Billy Graham has a different take: “Instead of serving God, we serve money and things – and they end up controlling us.” The “God gap” persists, and Romney has the “very religious” by 17 points over President Obama and Obama has the “moderately religious” by 14 points and the nonreligious by 31 points. Joe the Plumber, newly-minted Republican candidate and born-again Christian, puts himself in the first category.

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Shifts seen in support for death penalty

WASHINGTON (RNS) The campaign to abolish the death penalty has been freshly invigorated this month in a series of actions that supporters say represents increasing evidence that America may be losing its taste for capital punishment. By Kevin Johnson/USA Today.

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Chuck Colson to be buried at Quantico

(RNS) Prison Fellowship founder and Watergate figure Chuck Colson will be buried privately with full military honors at Quantico National Cemetery and a public service is expected later at Washington National Cathedral. By Adelle M. Banks.

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Guest Commentary: The body of Christ, broken for me

(RNS) Growing up as a gay man, I felt my relationship with the Catholic Church was over, for it would not love me as I loved it, or as God made me.  I left feeling that I was no longer a part of this community, that I would never experience true communion again. By Nic Arnzen.

Commentary: Morning in middle America

NEW YORK (RNS) In Topeka, Kan., I saw the future of America, and it worried me. I don't want to overstate. I also see much that is good, encouraging, and fresh. I just sense a balance shifting, like a herd that is getting restless and might signal a storm coming. By Tom Ehrich.