• gilhow

    The answer to this question is simple. The ones who believe Obama is a Muslim are ignorant, nasty, extremists from the ignorant, nasty extreme of the Republican religious right. Republicans have made bedfellows with these nasty people, and in order to save that sick marriage, they must now cater to all their mean madness. The Republican Party, with all its ignorant, bigoted, deceitful, ugly elements, must now act as one ignorant, bigoted, deceitful, ugly political party. Every one of its political and financial leaders is doing a superb job of that. How very “Christian” of them! But all one need do is spend a bit of time studying the history of Christianity and it will become quickly evident that such mean spirits have plagued that religion since the time of Judas, just as other religions are so full of mean spirits. Meanness in the guise of goodness. What a horrid contradiction religion often presents.

  • soccerbuddy

    In spite of much mean spiritedness in the US culture the issue of the 1 in 6 Americans still believing that Obama is a Muslim is more basic. It’s about education. The number of US adults who are illiterate is quite astounding 14% (32 million). These citizens don’t read, and I suspect are not watching the cable news channels where significant issues are debated. Many of those who are illiterate may well come under the influence of those in the media who seem to yell the loudest (no names), and who in humble estimation are racists. But then again there are millions of racists who can read very well and choose to hold beliefs that are erroneous. Illiteracy and racism? At least two possible reasons why the 16 % choose to believe what is obvious to the rest of us as false.