William Peter Blatty, ‘Exorcist’ author, to sue Georgetown University in Catholic court

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(RNS) The author who turned Georgetown University into a horror scene in "The Exorcist" plans to sue the school in church courts, saying his alma mater has strayed too far from the church to call itself Catholic. By Daniel Burke.

  • gilhow

    This fellow is the one who has strayed, and he has strayed far from the precepts of Jesus to even begin to think that humans can know their almighty, infinite creator–and presumably creator of the universe that included him and movies like “The Exorcist”–to even begin to consider this kind of “exorcist” behavior. Sue in any kind of court to force people to believe identically! Sue Georgetown in church court! That should have been a part of his movie. Both fit into the same psychic madness. It’s the Cardinal Newman Society and extremists like Blatty and his Father King Society who should be sued for even considering the violation of a basic human right, the right to study and think and form one’s own beliefs–and join any church they wish. The arrogance of Blatty to presume he can sue to force others to believe in his sick way!