Why basketball is Muslims’ favorite sport

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RNS photo by Aamir Syed

RNS photo by Aamir Syed

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(RNS) Muslims' love of basketball is manifesting itself in Muslim basketball leagues and tournaments across the country, and is even recognized by the country’s major Islamic organizations, which are often criticized for being out of touch with Muslim youth. By Omar Sacirbey.

  • Randall Paul

    There is an interesting connection between “religious basketball” and youth faithfulness. Having the court in or next to the sacred space keeps the kids in the right environment when they want to play. Further, in religions where the body and spirit are both considered holy and where believers expect a physical resurrection, there is no denunciation of the physical life as a temptation per se. So the Mormons have always built basketball courts in their buildings next to their sacred sanctuaries. They tend to keep their youth and anticipate the physical resurrection. Clearly so do the Muslims!