Catholic groups file suit over HHS birth control mandate

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(RNS) Dozens of Catholic universities, dioceses and other institutions filed lawsuits on Monday (May 21) to overturn the Obama administration’s contraception mandate plan, a clear and coordinated effort to oppose the new federal mandate. By David Gibson.

  • Wendy Gustofson

    David, isn’t it true that most Catholics disagree with the Church on this stand? If that is indeed the case, then this factor shouldn’t have any negative affect on Obama’s ability to be re-elected.

  • David Gibson

    Yes, Wendy, an overwhelming majority of Catholics (and others) disagree with the Catholic Church on contraception, but they are much more divided when it comes to whether government should ensure access to contraception, and if they think that the federal government is infringing religious freedom to make that happen, they get very defensive about their Church’s rights.

  • gilhow

    Let all Catholic agencies in the United States quit taking any public funding, which is contrary to the Constitution, anyway, and then they can honesty call their services “Catholic,” and then they can legitimately have full say as to how those services shall be provided. As it is, most “Catholic services,” like Catholic Charities and vouchered Catholic schools, could not exist without the unconstitutional public funding they are seeking and taking.

    Catholic church leaders, like Timothy Dolan of New York and William Lori of Baltimore, are talking as if they have a right to public funds. Then, when they are told they cannot use those funds in ways that contradict any of our laws, they have the nerve to act as if the laws do not exist and our Constitution does not support them. When Timothy Dolan starts squawking about “religious liberty,” he shows his ignorance or his deceit of our history, our Constitution, and the laws that should prevent public funds from being given to any churches.

    Infallibility is false about the Catholic Church, and it certainly does not apply for that church toward the United States. Religious liberty, guaranteed by our Constitution, means the state (the United States) stays out of religion and the churches stay out of government. The combination has been evil throughout history, and Dolan and Lori are raising its ugly head once again. Lessons are never learned. That, or else, the bishops are totally deceitful.

    That is precisely why funding church activities with public money is unconstitutional, why the Framers made the first clause of the First Amendment to their Constitution a separation of state and church. The distortion of church activities funded with pubic money cannot be controlled, and should never have begun. They are not “Catholic Charities” when supported with public funds, they are U.S. Charities!