GUEST COMMENTARY: HHS doesn’t speak for me, or many women

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(RNS) In the propaganda surrounding the Obama administration's contraception mandate, the Department of Health and Human Services seems to suggest that women’s only stake in the matter is "free" contraception.  This is a shallow -- and frankly demeaning -- view of women. By Helen Alvare.

  • Mary

    Alvare and the pedophile priest-protecting USCCB don’t speak for me as a ruined victim of their womb-trafficking mayhem! Overpaid womb bullies commit criminal Munchausen by Proxy medical malpractice when they insist all women risk deadly and gross childbirth bladder and bowel fistula incontinence and a zillion other bankrupting injuries every time they have sex! Jesus passed up on plenty of opportunities to condemn popularly used abortifacient Queen Ann’s lace weed, wine and mid-wife/abortionists. Never did he condemn abortions and the 450 known herbal contraceptives, etc. because he was disgusted by looksist husbands who traded in their fistulaed wives! He never forbade the Cana bride from drinking abortifacient wine! Only when wife-hating spoiled pedophiles and playboys hijacked Christianity did contraception and abortion get condemned. The insulting UNnatural Family Cramming (NFP) scam that the RCC touts maims and murders millions of women with the guaranteed pregnancies caused by women’s SECOND AND THIRD OVULATIONS during their “infertile” cycles. NFP outsources husbands like my dad to brothels, so will there is a surprise annulment in Alvare’s future? Moreover, NFP Humanae Vitae nonsense comes from a Nazi genocider: Paul VI who secretly funded Nazi Catholic Ustashi death camps in Croatia during WWII to exterminate 1 MILLION Serb “heretics”. Alvare and the USCCB are OK with forcing everyone to pay for pedophile priests’ Viagra sprees in Thailand! If priests can have church-protected non-procreative sex with kids, then the kids’ pregnancy-ruined mothers deserve RCC-paid contraception to deprive the corrupt priests of fresh victims!

  • unlamiunade


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