Mormonism hurt Mitt Romney in 2008. What about 2012?

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RNS photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr

RNS photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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WASHINGTON (RNS) If used against him in the fall presidential election, negative stigmas or stereotypes about Mormonism could be hard to overcome for Mitt Romney's campaign, according to an academic study released Monday. By Steve Koff.

  • gilhow

    Romney’s religion should not be the question or the problem as long as he and everyone else keeps it out of the picture. What is really addled with the current Republican Party, ever since it jumped in bed with the Religious Right, whoring for votes, is that it has become poisoned with all sorts of religious quacks trying to violate the First Amendment to our Constitution which prohibits any church establishments, which means, in plain language, the separation of state and church.

    Only separation will protect both state and churches from the historic evils with which they have destroyed each other whenever they have been joined in history. It is vital that we return to the constitutional, legal, honest, and total separation of state and church with which the Constitution protects both entities.

    History proves the mixture of church and state is absolute poison. Anyone who does not understand and admit that is ignorant about church history or a plain liar. We are witnessing the beginnings of that horrible combination again in this country as our Constitution is being defied. You only had to listen to Rick Santorum’s mad distortions during his recent campaign to recognize that. You only have to listen to the ugly bigotry toward Mormonism and Romney by “good” Christians of the extreme right of the Republican Party to hear that. History is being repeated. Separation is vital and must be total!