TuesdayâÂ?Â?s Religion News Roundup: More Legion of Christ revelations, Obama and Catholics, St. RonaldâÂ?Â?s relic

The head of the Legion of Christ said he knew back in 2005 that one of the most popular priests in the conservative Catholic order had fathered a child but he still let Fr. Thomas Williams preach to its followers and the public about morality and ethics. Williams issued a new statement on Tuesday as well, saying he knew he was guilty but thought if he preached more it would be okay. Or something like that. Catholic groups are suing the Obama administration over the contraception mandate.

COMMENTARY: Honor thy mothers and fathers

CLEARWATER, Fla. (RNS) The face of aging in America isn't a pretty one. Not because the flesh is sagging, but because the nation that once built schools, malls and suburbs for Boomer families when they were young has turned against its elderly. By Tom Ehrich.

LAPD modifies surveillance program of Muslims

LOS ANGELES (RNS) Muslim leaders have worked with the Los Angeles Police Department to modify its new surveillance program on suspicious activities, following recent disclosure that the New York Police Department had been spying on local Muslims. By David Finnigan.

GUEST COMMENTARY: HHS doesn’t speak for me, or many women

(RNS) In the propaganda surrounding the Obama administration's contraception mandate, the Department of Health and Human Services seems to suggest that women’s only stake in the matter is “free” contraception.  This is a shallow — and frankly demeaning — view of women. By Helen Alvare.

Religion News Service photo by Jennifer Brown/The Star-Ledger 
of Newark

Churches tread lightly on politics in 2012 election

(RNS) With Election 2012 less than six months away, congregations are getting the message that Americans want religion out of politics. So they're revamping how congregations mobilize voters, largely avoiding the political fray, and hot-button social issues are relegated to simmer in low-profile church study groups. By G. Jeffrey MacDonald.

Pope Benedict XVI praises American nuns

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Benedict XVI thanked American nuns for their “fidelity and self-sacrifice” in a speech to U.S. bishops in Rome. He also praised the American church’s efforts in favor of immigration reform. By Alessandro Speciale.