• gilhow

    I only hope these good women stand strong against the corrupt Vatican. And I expect the lethargic lay people to support them better than they are standing against the clerical sex abuse of kids and its cover-up. Those abused kids belonged to the lay people, not the clerical sex abusers. The worst and most unbelievable scandal of all, is that these guys in Rome, including Benedict, continue to think they can force people to learn only what they teach, think only in ways they approve, and act only as they dictate. All this in the face of the continuing, atrocious scandal of clerical sex abuse of kids. Scandals have never stopped dirtying the reputation of this church throughout history. That is why the church’s main effort is to hide them. And what about those lay people? When are they going to have the sense and display the sacred courage to stand in real holiness against the sinful, criminal clericalism of their church, especially as it is centered in the hierarchy? The lay people of God must take their church out of the hands of the clergy. There is, as Martin Luther recognized, a “Priesthood of the People.” There is, as declared in Vatican II, a “People of God.”