• mikeinmichigan

    Queen Elizabeth is not the “Queen of England” as you posted above. She is the Queen of the United Kingdom.

  • thesexyatheist

    Isn’t New Zealand where Hercules and Xena were filmed. Nice country indeed. I heart y’alls news roundup everyday. Thanks so much,


  • gilhow

    Brian Tamaki sounds like another Jim Jones. When religious leaders become involved in such sick and dangerous schemes with their people or any people, it’s time for the law to step in. Such weird behavior in the name of religion is not covered by religious liberty. That is totally irreligious, mentally ill behavior. And that’s exactly what the sex abuse by Catholic clergy or anyone else is. It is not religion, it is mental illness.

  • gilhow

    Mike in Michigan: As queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth is queen of each of its components, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand… Either address is appropriate.

    New Zealand and neighboring Australia, as well as Wales back by England, are the origins of some exquisite vocalists over the years, people like Kirk TeKanawa, Joan Sutherand, Bryn Terfel, all kinds of them. Ah yes, and the recent explosion of beauty in vocal music, tenor Alfie Boe in England. He has an exquisitely beautiful dark sound in his lower register.