10 years after Catholic sex abuse reforms, what’s changed?

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RNS file photo by Matt Rourke

RNS file photo by Matt Rourke

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(RNS) When the nation's Catholic bishops gather in Atlanta this month, they'll hear an assessment of the reforms they adopted 10 years ago as the sex abuse scandal consumed the church. Has anything changed in the past decade? By David Gibson.

  • tnauer

    Wake up Catholics and other concerned Christians. The Pope is making a mockery of the Christian faith e.g. ignoring child abuse, against birth control, against condoms to save babies from AIDS in Africa, fighting against Gays, hating woman (nuns) blaming Americans for child abuse. Is this Christ-like?? The Pope is the anti-christ !!! All followers of Jesus should fight this evil !!! Catholics leave the church if you want to follow Jesus. Stay Catholic if you want to follow this Hitler youth grown up to dictate !!!