Guest commentary: Christians can change their minds on homosexuality. I know, because I did.

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(RNS) The night my daughter told me she is gay, I felt as though the air had been sucked out of the room. I had been an evangelical Christian for over 30 years and thought that this was the worst thing that could happen. By Shari Johnson.

  • Deborah

    I don’t comment often on articles but i just had to here. I agree with everything you said but the kicker for me was your description. I am from Odessa and often feel so separate from the place i grew up in. It is really great to see other people from Odessa being openminded.

    I really liked this article. I am not gay but i just don’t understand how people can say I’m Christian but then not love and accept the LGBT community. It just seems so contrary to how I perceive Jesus.

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  • OldCub

    Wonderful story to share…if you are looking for a Christian Denomination that is welcoming to the LGBT community visit the United Church of Christ website ( Our denomination believes in a “Still Speaking” God who calls us into a loving relationship with all people AND invites us on a spiritual journey of growth and understanding–even on issues like homosexuality, which has been traditionally condemned by the Church.

  • Rollan McCleary

    Yes the article is very positive and I say that as a specialist on gay spiritualities on which I have been published though you wouldn’t know it. (Perhaps because I’m Australian Huffington Post has never deigned to reply to me or consider me among its “Gay Voices” and it’s pretty much the same with American media generally which seems like a closed shop)…… I have been looking for a contact spot for Shari Johnson, but don’t see one. Does anyone know it? Thanks for any help

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