Catholic bishops told to follow their own policies against sexual abuse

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RNS photo by Michael Alexander/Catholic News Service

RNS photo by Michael Alexander/Catholic News Service

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(RNS) Assessing a decade of efforts by the Catholic hierarchy to defuse the clergy abuse scandal, the leader of a lay review board on Wednesday (June 13) warned the bishops that they must start to follow their own policies against child sexual abuse if they are to have any hope of restoring their fragile credibility. By David Gibson.

  • ProfBob

    U.S. court cases at the highest levels generally hold that you can believe whatever you want but you cannot always practice your beliefs. Believers in faith healing are prevented from practicing their beliefs on their seriously ill children, they may also be prevented from practicing faith healing on themselves because they are citizens and the government must protect them. The famous Holiness sect cases where the members drank strychnine and handled poisonous snakes is another illustration. However the recent O Centro case allowed believers to use an illegal drug.
    It puzzles me that any “faith in an unproven and unprovable belief can be so sanctified when the outcomes of such a belief may be contrary to provable outcomes of an opposing belief. For example, regarding contraception and abortion–unwanted children increase the taxes for education ($10,000 per year per child) and increase the likelihood of antisocial behavior and prison expenses.
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    A week after the November elections? LOL!

  • gilhow

    Isn’t such preaching a total waste of time? After all, it is ten years since the hypocritical bishops gathered in Dallas, TX, and pretended to begin to coordinate a moral, ethical, “Christian” plan to work against something they had been participating in for centuries, something they had been hiding under the presumption that they were responsible to no other law but canon law, not even the Ten Commandments.

    What have they done since that marvelous plan they developed in Dallas? Only continue their cover-up as much as they could get away with it. In plain sight, they have wasted the money of the people in the pews who are the ones paying for all this harm done to their very own kids. Why do the people put up with their corrupt clergy, from pedophile parish priests up to the deceitful popes?

    The hierarchy of the Catholic Church is a Mafia gang following orders from the Vatican. The popes do not have as the royal authority the church pretends. There is nothing “supreme” about them. The papacy is managed by the so-called College of Cardinals. That college, like Timothy Dolan of New York and the soon-to-be-cardinal William Lori recently appointed to Baltimore, MD, are perfect examples of churchmen of the clericalism that has always corrupted the Catholic Church.

    I have left the Catholic Church because of all this filthy behavior. The Catholic church is one of the most “sinful,” criminal organizations in the world. Just study its history. Nothing has changed except the front of piety it displays to make up for the real, royal authority it has lost.