• Pat

    It’s amazing how gentle the Vatican is with these Bishops and clerics who thumbed their noses at church law and denied Vatican II for so long, even now. Would that the nuns received the same deference. Why is there a double-standard in treating men clergy and women religious? The “Year of the Priests” was promoted to distract from the so-called “mystery” of the clerical sex abuse and cover-up. The Vatican set-up, as superbly organized as it appears, comes across as sound and fury, signifying nothing of a real spiritual sense. It’s time to come down vatican hill and walk and talk and live with the people of god. I am sorry to say.all this for I have loved the church for my 80 years, over 50 as catholic teacher; now it’s more like a business or military command top-down system than a church that reaches out to people.