Photo slideshow: ‘Nun sense’ vs. ‘nonsense’

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RNS photo by Sally Morrow

RNS photo by Sally Morrow

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More than 200 Catholics from Kansas City, Mo., wore white and held signs to honor American nuns on Tuesday, June 19. Many attendees said they were there to support and thank the sisters, who are under a Vatican crackdown. The event was organized by local residents and the nationwide organization Call to Action, a liberal lay Catholic movement. Photos by Sally Morrow/RNS.

  • gilhow

    Good! Some of the People of God are standing up to the megalomaniacal Vatican. I’m glad to see that. The question I still can’t find answered is where were all these demonstrators when the sex abuse of their kids was being exposed and continued to be covered up by the same church leadership that is now harassing the nuns who become so good since they have chosen their own ministries, ministries just like those of Jesus, instead of being forced by bishops to brainwash kids in parochial schools. That was a work few of them liked or would have chosen, but it was required if they wished to join particular communities.

  • Leon Suprenant

    I would think that addressing problems with some religious communities would constitute “cleaning up their own backyard.” I understand that dissident groups like Call to Action are trying to spin this in an “anti-Vatican” way with their amazing turnout of 200 aging liberals, but the bigger story of course is the gathering of tens of thousands of Catholics around the country this week and next during this “fortnight of freedom” as we stand up for our religious freedom.

  • Jim Johnson

    Our Sisters have been acting according to their consciences. They have been concerned with the welfare. This rally was to support them as people who want to do good things. None of us is God, and it inappropriate for any of us (including the Vatican) to judge or condemn them for working for God according to their discernments.