• Vance Mann

    Sounds like the RC bishops are a medieval men’s club grasping for power & control while holding fast to an outdated monarchical system of government.. Will they succeed?

  • jz

    Wow huge surprise here! A solidly Catholic organization (the Knights) is donating heavily to a cause to protect religious liberty, with the current attack aimed squarely at – get this – Catholics! Remember that it was Obama who brought on this fight, not Catholics. Obama changed established precedent via governmental fiat by declaring which organizations are religious enough to be worthy of religious freedom (parishes, diocese) and which are not (Catholic hospitals/schools). Those who believe the “Church” consists only of diocese and local parishes have a severely warped view of Christianity.

    Steve Schneck should be ashamed of himself. He is clearly insinuating the Church and the financial supporters of Fortnight for Freedom are involved in some sort of impropriety or devious behavior…Where’s the evidence Mr. Schneck? Can you say calumny?

  • Ralph

    The Vatican has been a monarchy for over 1000 years, they have had a relatively stable government, and the Papal States were reduced to its present form only after a foreign invasion from the House of Savoy (another monarchy). They seem to have been fairly stable, and no one seems to be complaining of human rights violations. What is it that democracies with rampant corruption and inequality is to teach them?

    So, the leaders of a religious organization want to maintain control over the organizations they lead: outrageous.

    Be wary of the Knights of Columbus. These guys have been supporting charities and the churches for decades. But it was all a sham. They really are part of a Jesuit plot, and their ultimate goal is the overthrow of the American government. Isn’t that obvious? Don’t be fooled by their good manners, charity and good works! I am grateful that this article finally opened my eyes.

  • Patrick Lee

    The government is attempting to coerce Catholic organizations to be the purveyors of an ideology they object to on religious grounds. The Church does not impose its teachings on anyone. Since when did objecting to being forced to pay for something that violates one’s conscience become an attempt to impose on others one’s beliefs? This story distorts the basic issue.

  • Jim McCrea

    When the bishops demonstrate concern for religious freedom within the Catholic church, then I might be sympathetic to their moaning and groaning. Until then, we all need to remember what St. Ignatius of Antioch is reputed to have said: ” A bishop never more resembles Jesus Christ than when he has his mouth shut. ”

  • Ralph

    “When the bishops demonstrate concern for religious freedom within the Catholic church, then I might be sympathetic to their moaning and groaning.”

    Exactly, they shouldn’t have kept quiet while the Catholic militia arrested the dissenting American nuns and sent them to Castel Sant’Angelo to be tortured until they could extract a confession. I should expect the burning of dissenting Catholics anytime now. Who do these bishops think they are? Do they think that they have any authority within the Church?

    These Catholic bishops seem only to be concerned about the religious liberty of Christians in the U.S., Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Poor Catholic dissenters, no one in the Church defends them from all the violence that these bishops are inflicting on them

  • Oh give me a break!

    This article’s author lies and distorts facts surrounding thestory; his descriptions are biased, his conclusions unsupported.

    E.g., “President Obama’s proposed mandate to require employers — including religious institutions — to provide free contraception insurance coverage to employees.” -First, there’s nothing “proposed” about the HHS mandate; it is law. Second, since the mandated insurance must cover also cover abortifacients and sterilization, it is broader than merely requiring “contraception” coverage.

    Furthermore, how can the author conclude that support from Catholic groups (KofC) for a Catholic event promoting values consistent with Catholic teachings makes the event partisan??? Is it any more partisan than ANY Catholic event, in that is supports the tenets of Catholicism? In fact this 2-bit author offers NO SUPPORT for his conclusions; only vague quotes from critics who themselves provide no support.

    Sloppy journalism. (Shame on you, Tim.) Why does RNS carry this garbage??

  • Rev. Albert W. Kovacs, UCC Pastor

    Nothing new here. It was in an Anglican Church in Virginia that Patrick Henry declared:Give me freedom or give me death! … It was in a Reformed Church in Debrecen that Louis Kossuth declared independence for Hungary from the Habsburg Emperor of Austria. … It was in churches in America that slavery was openly disavowed. … Protestant colleges like Geneva, Grove City, Liberty, Brigham Young, and many others don’t want their freedoms trampled by government fiat. HHS and Obama are led by the nose by the hand of Planned Parenthood and its cohorts in the multi-million dollar abortion industry. It’s all about elections and money! … Kudos to our allies in the RC Church leading the fight for religious freedom in America today..

  • Joseph J Marotta, MD

    I have been extremely disappointed in the way the Knights of Columbus, the USCCB and CRS distribute their wealth. $8 billion worth of insurance profits is a huge amount of money. The KofC is chartered to act at the behest of the Bishops for the service of the poor and needy. As a former Knight, it is shameful to see the organization stock pile its finances and distribute it out to programs that don’t really foster the type of activity I would consider appropriate. Thats why I am no longer involved in their scam.
    I wish someone would do an expose on where all of these “Catholic” funds are going and at least let the members of the Church know how their donations are spent when they hand over their hard earned dollars to organizations like the KofC, CRS, etc.