• Lew in Frederick, Md

    OK, so there are some that have reservations about Romney being a Mormon, but it is OK to currently have a Muslim-Marxist in the White House now.

  • Dorothy

    Basically, I support Mitt Romney 100% on two counts: He has the resume and he is a an excellent family man. Besides these primary reasons, he and Ann are great role models of success for young Americans. They have a great work ethic, have worked hard and contrary to a common belief, they were not wealthy to begin their married life. All of that experience of great success they have built is what we will get as he becomes president. I urge you to consider these latter aspects of the family that would be occupying the WH. You will never have to guess if the president is doing his job: Mitt Romney will be at worlk. Count on it.

  • epitome

    if every one knew Mormonism and christianity were incompatable there would not be a problem . The problem being some people think morminism is a christian denomination .
    And they join under such false asumptions and mormon Bishops and elders teach defend and promote that Jesus and Satan are brother’s and such people not realizing the mormon Jesus is not the Jesus of the bible are sucked into that trash talk.

    but then how would a uneducated gallup polster know this unless he became educated about it..

  • Cole

    Mitt Romney is a very successfull honest businessman and that’s exactly what this country needs. Here we are as a country in one of the biggest financial messes we’ve ever been in and we have a guy who has fixed problems like these for a living yet we want to criticize him because of his underwear and religion. We would rather have a wannabe Hollywood rockstar who has no idea what to do other than give people money temporarily until this country fails altogether. Yes if America fails it will be because we the people allowed it to by choosing bad leaders.