Late Jesuit and ex-congressman Robert Drinan accused of attempted sex assault

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Religion News Service photo

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(RNS) The advice columnist for the online magazine Slate has said that a famed Jesuit priest and onetime Democratic congressman, the Rev. Robert Drinan, who died in 2007, tried to kiss and fondle her in the 1970s when she was 18 or 19 years old. By David Gibson.

  • gilhow

    In addition to considering the source, also consider that “Prudence” was of age when the alleged “assault” took place and no one else has accused Drinan of “unchaste” behavior. I go further than Ann Drinan, speaking for the family, in wonders about how long it has taken a gossip columnist to “come forward” with these accusations. The elaboration of her own history casts suspicion on her as a reliable source. No one has been angrier or more vocal than I against the sex abuse scandal of Catholic clergy. The absolute monarchy of the royal Catholic Church, popes and diocesan bishops, considers that it is bound only by its own created canon law and freely violates any other legal systems that conflict. The laity continue to sit in pews and do nothing about the rapes of their own kids by the guys at the altars and in the pulpits. And various levels of our so-called justice system practice a hands-off policy, treating Catholic clergy, popes on down to parish priests, as if they are Mafia “Untouchables.” Emily Yoffe begs for credibility when, as “Prudence,” she makes these allegations against a dead man.