Reaction to Catholic official Monsignor William Lynn’s conviction on sex abuse charge

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A Philadelpia jury convicted Monsignor William Lynn on one charge of endandering the welfare of a child, the first time a member of the Catholic hierarchy in the U.S. was found guilty of covering up the sexual abuse of minors. Here's what people had to say on Twitter. 

  • gilhow

    There remains the weakness of the lay people who continue to sit in the pews and not react in outrage against the sins and crimes of clerical sex abuse against children and young people of their church. They still do not react against the criminal, cover-up bishops, from the popes in the Vatican down to their diocesan lackeys who secretly moved the abusers from one crime scene to another. The next most guilty of collaborating in this destruction are the justice systems, as in Philadelphia, at every level in this nation that continue to allow it to pass. I guess this is what is meant by “brotherly love!”

    Lynn’s jury in Philadelphia is only the latest. Include among those guilty of the non-redress and continuation of these crimes the legislatures all over this nation that refused to extend statutes of limitation laws pertaining to young kids and teens who were so abused and shamed and disturbed they didn’t have any idea where to turn when they suffered these sins and crimes.

    Why are the rotten criminals of the Catholic Church being treated by so-called justice with the same hands-off policies as the former dons of the international, criminal Mafia? Watch that useless, so-called justice continue throughout appeals made against Lynn’s meager conviction.

  • Elissa Ornato

    To gilhow…
    Your honesty and forthrightness is refreshing when compared to all other writings on the subject of criminal pedophiles in the Catholic “church.”

    As if the current decades of news about pedophile priests isn’t enough, the Catholic “church” has an even deeper, more horrible past regarding their beliefs and treatment of newborn babies from circa 1500 to about 1865 throughout Europe. The fast-reading history of these horrendous crimes by this same church have been chronicled in David I. Kertzer’s “Sacrificed for Honor.”

    While the book concerns times past, the reading of it will forever color your thoughts about what is continuing to occur right now in this “church.” Babies and children are not as valued by the church as it has proclaimed. Kertzer’s books should never go out of print. They are essential reading. has more reasonably priced copies available than I came across the Kertzer books while doing genealogical research.

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