Victims group urges Philadelphia archbishop to defrock convicted priest, Monsignor William Lynn

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Pool photo courtesy Nancy Wiechec/Catholic News Service

Pool photo courtesy Nancy Wiechec/Catholic News Service

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(RNS) An advocacy group for victims of sexual abuse by clergy has asked Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput to defrock the priest convicted last week of shielding priests who preyed on children. By David Gibson.

  • gilhow

    And all these attitudes are part of the continuing cover-up of the sinful crimes of the sexual abuse. Who are most guilty of those sinful crimes? The clergy themselves, from popes on down to the actual molesters. We continue to handle this heinous crime with a delicacy that is only afforded to the royal, absolute monarchy of the Catholic Church. No other group in this nation has ever gotten away with so much guilty crime. No institution pretends such holiness yet is so guilty of sinful crime. The sinful crime is as institutional as the church. Even more hypocritical are our justice systems that continue to let them go free of answering for those sinful crimes. Our jails and prisons are overflowing with those who sell or smoke marijuana, yet there is hardly a Catholic Church criminal guilty of these crimes among those “horrid criminals.”

  • James

    … right down to the people in the pews being guilty of cover-ups. When juries such as the one in December that held St. Elizabeth’s parishioners responsible for paying a $3.3 million settlement out of a $33 million award, THEN pew people will start to wake up, and take notice.

    Until we Roman Catholic pew people have to PAY UP for our collective indifference, and of our acceptance of priests making a solemn promise at their ordinations to “obey” their superiors, people are at risk. Children may be a bit safer now, as would be teenage boys, presumably. But adults: men and mostly women (that bear priests babies) are most certainly still at risk.

    The most recent resignations of priests have been those that have fathered children out of holy wedlock, and then became dead-beat dads. Bishop Zavala of Los Angeles admitted to having fathered TWO children, that are now college age, and his diocese will foot the bill for their college education. And a high profile Legionary priest fathered a child, with his superior having known about it since 2005, and he let it go, allowing the priest to teach ETHICS to seminarians.

    The whole thing stinks. It is pew people that are ultimately responsible for ALL the abuse, because we pay the bills. Want to keep your head in the sand? How much is it worth to you? Open your wallet, and pay for the privilege, to the tune of in the millions.

    And what’s with the Peter’s Pence collection that in part goes to pay the salaries of 120 Swiss Guards in Middle Age garb, to protect the pope? Let’s use some common sense.