• gilhow

    Regarding Sr. Carol Keehan’s reaction, it is to be hoped that the expansion and transformation of health care for all people would be rely on constantly updated new science.

    U.S. Conference of Bishops: it is unconscionable that these celibate clerics would not respect the latest in science regarding health care. That includes prevention. And that includes the intelligent management of families in size. After all, it is the lay people who support the clergy, and it is the lay people who have children and must responsibly support them in all respects, including health care.

    The National Catholic Reporter: Owned and managed by Catholic lay people, it is forced to straddle the edicts the bishops promulgate, based on pre-science, and trying to give some attention to science. They are obviously caught between a rock and a hard place.

    Richard Land: Shame on you. Jesus would join that shaming. He had no problems attending to the latest knowledge, primitive as it was. That’s why they hung him on a cross. He complains about forcing citizens to purchase health care, but he ignores completely those in the majority who cannot afford the atrocious costs of health care and forcing them on all other citizens. That’s double talk.

    National Council of Churches: Take note, Catholic officials and Baptist Richard Land, there are Christians who “grow in grace and wisdom” just as Jesus, their “Model of the Holy. Part of that “wisdom” is science. The application of it is “grace.”

    Alliance Defense Fund: No surprise. It was founded on selfish greed and it persists in that compounded by illiteracy.

    Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism: You are a model for the Christian churches that supposedly followed you and have sadly lost their connection with their roots.

    Adrea Lafferty of Traditional Values Coalition: Lafferty persists in the lie that has distorted health care problems from the start. Let her obtain the cost we have all had to pay for health care for those who could not afford it and the additional expense of neglecting their health care. A traditional value should be concern for our fellows.

    Jon O’Brien and Catholics for Choice: It is brave of O’Brien and his group to practice their freedom of conscience, declared by Vatican II and existing from forever before that. If more Catholics defended that freedom, it would end the domination of clericalism in his church. Only then might it practice the Gospels as intended by Jesus.

    Family Research Council: The Council still lives in the dark ages. Shame on Tony Perkins for daring to claim that helping those who cannot help themselves is an attack on liberty. His religious view is based on selfish greed. That means it is evil. It is not the first time that we witnessed religion being a dominant force of evil.

    Becket Fund Counsel Hannah Smith: She would be happy that she might continue her law suit against the ACA. Her purse is filled with money from those she dupes into considering there is anything contradicting morals or liberty in the law.

    Rick Santorum: One could expect no different reaction from someone who has displayed before the whole country his medieval thinking, leaving his mind to be controlled by supposedly chaste clerics. We heard him preach a lot of religion during his primary campaign, but we never heard a word about the evils of religion, like the sexual abuse of the young or ignoring the needs of recklessly procreated children after they are born.

  • Ludwig

    Hey, couldn’t you get a statement from a United Methodist. Jim Winkler on behalf of the UMC has been active and vocal in support of this health care legislation. So proud to be Methodist today!

  • Daniel Burke
  • Barry

    From http://www.patheos.com/blogs/slacktivist/2012/06/28/churches-praise-health-care-law-lobby-groups-condemn-it/

    “So in Gibson’s tally, six actual church groups praise the decision, while only two condemn it. But six “religious” lobbyist/fundraising groups also condemned the decision.”

    “I get that the 37 denominations that make up the National Council of Churches are perceived as “old-line,” shrinking and irrelevant. But the NCC represents 100,000 congregations and about 45 million American Christians. So why is it that the Liar Tony Perkins — whose Family Research Council claims a membership of about 1 percent of that — is far likelier to be cited as a “religious leader” than anyone at the NCC is?”

  • David Gibson

    Barry, that’s an interesting commentary from Fred Clark. He seems to find something pernicious in a random collection of reactions as they came in. Perhaps he is also a devotee of “The Bible Code.”

  • Daniel Burke

    I’d also note that we collected reaction from religious groups *and* social conservatives. That’s why we have Santorum, Focus on the Family and others. There’s no question that their constituencies include a large number of religious people.

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