Photo by Tamie Ross

Religious groups vie for Internet domain names

(RNS) The Roman Catholic Church and an evangelical megachurch are among the religious groups applying for newly available Internet domain names. But as .com and .org are replaced by more specific online addresses, should names such as .Catholic and .church be under the control of religious partisans? By Daniel Burke.

COMMENTARY: Being pushy is OK when you’re pushing back

(RNS) “Speaking truth to power” sounds like a noble calling until power pushes back. When big givers say “Jump!” it is the rare leader who says anything other than “How high?” It's time for that to change. What a noble service to America it would be if faith communities led the way. By Tom Ehrich.

Is homeless crackdown a sign of compassion fatigue?

(RNS) A growing number of ordinances are pitting city officials against homeless advocates. City leaders say they want to improve the lives of homeless people and ensure public safety, while supporters of the homeless argue that such regulations criminalize homelessness. By Yamiche Alcindor.

RNS photo courtesy Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye

Mormonism isn’t like a string of Christmas lights

(RNS) If a person looks at faith like a string of Christmas lights, if one junction along the string is flawed, then the whole string is dysfunctional. The problem, though, is that such a view of faith is too easily manufactured and too easily broken. By Melissa Inouye.