Atheist files complaint over Pennsylvania restaurant’s discount for churchgoers

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LANCASTER, Pa. (RNS) For more than a year, Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen in Lancaster County, Pa., has offered a Sunday special: Diners who bring in a current church bulletin receive 10 percent off the purchase of their dinners. But the promotion rubs atheists the wrong way. By Sue Gleiter.

  • Walljasper

    Love the blurb about “I bear them no ill will,” he said, “but they shouldn’t be pushing religion.”

    Right. But its perfectly fine for that crackpot to push his aetheist “beliefs” on the restaurant and patrons.


  • posman

    I am an atheist, if this guy wants to offer a discount for this, thats fine with me. It’s a marketing tool that does not cost the atheist any more than what they should pay. It’s the kind of thing that a local, small business can do and it helps him survive. If someone else gets a discount for having a bulletin, then so be it. Stop complaining about the unimportant things, it makes us look petty. I mean really, go to the church ands ask for a bulletin and leave if you really want your discount. Nobody would mind, and actually they’d be happy to give you a bulletin, and you are not being denied anything….

  • Enshala

    You know what is REAL discrimination? Atheists suing a church to take down a cross on PRIVATE PROPERTY simply because it’s VISIBLE from a public road.

    They have no respect for the Constitution, which is supposed to guarantee Freedom OF religion, and somehow they twisted it into forcing everyone of faith to pay for institutions in which they are not allowed to openly act religious. Atheists are terrible, terrible people.

  • AtheistWhomper

    The average atheist is all about antagonizing people. They get a thrill on finding legal ways to ANTAGONIZE others. If it wasn’t bugging people about religion they would be joined up in some other antagonistic organization…

    These atheists just need a severe azd whomping with medical attention needed to cure them of their desire to antagonize people in my opinion.

    So as long as we as a society don’t whomp them, they will continue to antagonize the rest of us… Just saying, some day, we may change our opinion how we deal with antagonizers.. and these antagonizers will be very afraid and will learn some manners.

    I hope that day comes soon.

  • Echo4Texas

    I agree with posman all the way. Now any one who agrees with atheistwhomper is just as sick and hateful as they come. But I think that is what being a believer is all about, finding someone you can hate and looking for others to agree with you. After all, the whole judge not lest ye be judged thing clearly isn’t working for him.

  • Goe

    @posman what if a restaurant offered discounts for white patrons, would that be okay with you?

  • Vastet

    @ AtheistWhomper:

    Take a swing, see how fast you get stomped on. Theists have terrorised people for thousands of years. People are getting more than fed up with it. Which is at least part of why religion is dying. Good riddance.