• Troy

    Did anyone stop to ask if God authorizes not worshiping on the first day of the week? The Bible makes it pretty clear what He expects (see Acts 20:7; 1 Cor 16:2). I guess when you have a woman calling herself reverend and acting as a pastor, the subject of authority has already been thrown out the door anyway.

  • Rob

    It seems Mark 7:6-8 could apply to your comment, Brother. Do you think God cares when and how you worship him? Have you ever read Romans 12? Since you value Paul highly, he urges us to offer our selves as living sacrifices – that’s every day all day. It seems to me all days are holy to God are they not? Open your fist a bit.

  • Sabrina

    Well, I think it’s a sad commentary when you see churches compromising and catering to a “demographic” like this. It’s a shame that people are abandoning Sunday as the traditional day of worship. Is nothing sacred anymore? There are valid reasons both in Scripture and Sacred Tradition that designate why Sunday vs Wednesday night is the primary day of worship. The 10 Commandments say to worship on the SABBATH day, and that day is NOT on a Wednesday. Consider this: Was Christ resurrected on a Wednesday night? No, but yes on a Sunday! This isn’t and shouldn’t be about ‘convenience’ like re-scheduling a PTA meeting or bowling league night. If a person really and truly is serious about their faith, then they should MAKE the time to go to Church on the appropriate day. JMO.