Could an Alabama shrine become the next Catholic pilgrimage site?

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RNS photo courtesy Caritas of Birmingham

RNS photo courtesy Caritas of Birmingham

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (RNS) Could a Virgin Mary statue under a pine tree in the middle of a cow pasture in rural Alabama one day become an officially recognized international pilgrimage site of the Roman Catholic Church? By Greg Garrison.

  • Michael Ripple

    I just returned from leading a pilgrimage many of whom were youth formed in the spirituality of Our Lady’s School..I expect many fruits.
    Medujgorje is why this excommunicated ex priest returned to the true faith.
    The story can be found at….

  • Deacon Jim Stagg

    You may want to review this article before you confer a new title on Our Lady:

  • Nancy

    Are you kidding?

    You (Greg Garrison of the Birmingham News) do a piece on Caritas without even contacting the diocese of Birmingham? When the Birmingham News offices are right across the street from the chancery? Really?

    You might have learned that, if you’d done that, that Caritas is not allowed to have Mass on its property. It is not an approved ministry or movement.

    And Dr. Murphy is sadly misinformed – the chances of the Church approving Medjugorje are slim, and the word is that the statement coming out in November will be a negative.

  • Mike G

    Medj is a fraud full of lies, scandal, disobedience and doctrinal errors. Read “The Truth About Medjugorje” by Bishop Zanic. Google it.