• New mimos

    The best romantic music of all time. Radio MUSICA PARA MIMOS (www.musicaparamimos.ya.st). Exclusively for romantics. Recommended to my dear readers. It’s great!

  • frequentwind

    Do the mascot pigs get hidden on Jewish Heritage Night? Do any references to St. Paul get covered up? After all, Paul of Tarsus and the Jews have not been historical BFFs. Yet this particular group has gotten the team to prevent them from having to see the word “saint” because it offends their beliefs. Yes, it’s funny, but it’s obnoxious too. You can celebrate your faith or non-faith without demanding that someone else’s be hidden from view.

  • Cindy

    I think it is sad that in St Paul”Saintly City” should turn around and beUNsaintly! This really uncalledfor.

  • Ron S

    Why is it uncalled for Cindy? Are atheists not entitled to the same privileges afforded to Christians? Why is it when Christians aren’t given their perceived favored status they become offended?