Amid political battle, Catholic bishops promote natural family planning

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RNS photo courtesy Joe Romie/Today’s Catholic

RNS photo courtesy Joe Romie/Today’s Catholic

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(RNS) Amid a battle with President Obama over a new contraception mandate, the nation's Roman Catholic bishops are promoting natural family planning -- but will their flock take heed? By Lauren Markoe.

  • frequentwind

    The question has not been “settled long ago” for evangelical Protestants, but it’s seen more as a question of abortion as opposed to the papal view. If life begins at conception, the union of the sperm and egg cells, then if the pill were to theoretically prevent implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall, they see this as the equivalent of abortion.

  • gilhow

    It was only fifty years ago that the Catholic Church was still vociferously opposing “natural planning” of families. Heck, you even had to ask a priest in confession if it was alright for you to practice the so-called rhythm method. You had to tell him your complete intimate story. Those celibates have always involved themselves in other people’s sex lives. Now we have come to realize how very wide-spread celibate sexuality was. And sadly, disgustingly, we have come to learn there was little or no reason for the clergy to practice rhythm or any other natural controls because they were having not only unnatural sex, but sex with young kids, most of whom couldn’t conceive anyway.