• MicaiahB

    Can you tell me what “studies show that the pill apparently does not cause abortions”? I have seen studies that say morning after pills do – sometimes, not always – prevent the fertilized egg from implanting in the womb. To those who believe life begins at conception, that is an abortion.

  • gilhow

    Typical silly madness of the religious right. The solution is easy. If you oppose contraception, don’t practice contraception. If you oppose abortion, don’t practice abortion. If you oppose masturbation, don’t practice masturbation. If you oppose same-sex marriage, don’t marry anyone of the same sex. As historically, religious people continue to force their so-called morals on everyone else. That is tantamount to forcing their religion on everyone else. And that is a violation of the very first after-though with which our Constitution was amended. Mind your own business when it comes to religion. Mixing religion and government has always resulted in evil. That is obviously because religious attitudes are so full of evil.

  • The_L

    #1. It can take up to a week after sex for conception to take place. Plan B works during that window to prevent fertilization of the egg from happening at all.

    #2. Plan B is a bigger “shot” of the exact same hormones found in daily birth control pills. Neither form of medication has been shown to decrease the rate of embryonic implantation if they fail to prevent conception. In fact, some studies indicate that if conception does take place, these meds actually *increase* the likelihood of implantation.

    #3. The scientific definition of the beginning of pregnancy is at implantation (when the embryo attaches to the inner wall of the womb), not conception. This is because roughly half of all embryos fail to implant (and thus die), and because it’s impossible to detect the presence of the family’s new addition before embryonic implantation takes place.

    #4. If a pregnancy (by the scientific definition) has not ended, then what has happened is NOT an abortion. Otherwise, God would abort more babies than anyone else, as so many embryos naturally fail to implant.

    It is irresponsible and dishonest for an educated member of a college board to claim things which are not true. Either he knows he’s not telling the truth, in which case he’s a dishonest person; or he hasn’t bothered to do any research on the facts, in which case he’s being dangerously negligent. “Lying for Jesus” is still lying. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor or thy neighbor’s legislation.