• Elaine Connelly

    I wish Senator McCain would stop apologizing to Muslims. He’s starting to sound a lot like Obama (the great Usurper) who is h*** bent on implementing Islam and Sharia Law in this country.

  • Rick

    You are misleading in your comments and have not told the complete story. Are you also trying to cause more ruckus? Her comments not only include what Frank Gaffney has to say, but also other well documented articles from news and government sources that have been checked out. If you are going to write a story, write it truthfully and tell the complete story. We have enough lies and deceit from the media.

  • Enrique

    I believe this a very, very serious situation to our Country and we must protect USA and pray for USA. USA cannot be destroy from the outside but could be destroy from the inside.

  • Janice Strange

    I totally agree with Rep. Michele Bachmann.Our government is so busy being politically correct and embracing the Muslims that they (the government) are not looking to see who their (the Muslims) friends are. We do not need any Muslims in our government that have any (and I emphasize any) connection to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to sneak into our government through the backdoor.
    Janice Strange

  • BroMenard

    Is it really islamophobia as some would have us believe or well deserved questions of loyalty to the USA and our Security?!
    The fight with Islamic Extremism and Muslim Terrorism has been building for quite some time now, so why all the hands off garbage that should be promoting Vetting of any suspected of harboring and/or enabling the Enemy as stands.
    Muslims have openly called for their Islamic followers to revolt and take deadly force against Israel and the United States for perceived Religious Heresy.
    They are Murdering Christians all around the World without Any Pressure from Our Government to stop these Travesties while promoting Muslim Brotherhood and Sheria Takeover off entire Governments in the Middle East, such as Egypt?!

  • Ronald E. Twyman

    Wake up America! before it is to late this is taking place right under our noses.

  • frequentwind

    I challenge any of the McCarthyist commenters here to name one – just one – real connection between MB and someone in a high position in the Government. Don’t just post links to right-wing extremist websites, lay it out in your comments. BTW, here’s an example of a “connection” that is no “connection” at all: Abedin’s dead father founded an organization decades ago that teamed up with another organization whose head was friends with someone in MB. By that analysis, there’s a good chance that you or I have a “connection” to them as well.

  • Carl

    How about Major Hassan? He was supposedly checked out by our government to have the clearance level that he had. I guess this “peaceful” muslim slipped right on through and hurt a lot of our troops. How many more are infested in our government? Nobody really knows.

  • iPhobe

    frequentwind…what is that a dog with serious flatulence?? The only thing that needs to be challenged is your obvious lack of intelligence. You spineless coward.

  • WesTexan

    Thanks, Michele. It’s unfortunate that more in Congress, especially Conservatives, have not sounded a clear warning before now. The Muslim Brotherhood has clear goals consistent with Islam, which includes the annihilation of Israel and the death of all Christians and Jews (who refuse to convert) leading to world domination. This has always been the goal of Islam since Mohammad arrived on the scene, and that has not changed. All we need to do is look at places like Dearborn, Michigan, where peaceful Christians were stoned at a public venue, and the police did nothing to protect free speech. Obama himself has said “I am a Muslim,” and look at the destruction and mayhem he has wrought on the US. It’s not a mystery. It’s not Islamophobia, as the leftist and Muslims say in an attempt to distract us from the real issues. Political correctness and multiculturalism is destroying Europe, and we are not far behind them. Obama and the Brotherhood are “buds.” Obama hates Christianity as evidenced by his total failure to support any Christian observance (e.g., National Day of Prayer) and his constant praise of Islam. He is simply a mirror of the violent Muslim Brotherhood. Obama’s words and actions speak volumes, likewise the Muslim Brotherhood. Why would they push so hard to subvert the Constitution and replace it with Sharia Law? Obama has done nothing but shred the Constitution every time he stands up to spout his lies—and has never once stood with the Constitution against the incursions of Sharia. (By the way, McCarthy has been proven right!)

  • Ray Mason

    M. Bachmann is right on target. You can always tell when you are getting close to the truth by the reaction of the liberals and RINOs’. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we are in deep doo-doo in this country, a lot of our problems are being caused by radical muslims, especially our muslim in chief that occupies our white house. Time to flush twice. Give’em hell Michelle Bachmann.

  • frequentwind

    iPhobe: am I a “spineless coward” because I have issued a direct challenge to the rest of the commenters on this article that have done nothing but spout bigoted polemical broadsides? If the latter is your definition of “courage,” I am fine with how you perceive me. BTW, if you want to know what my name means, I suggest a newfangled thing called “Google.”

  • DaveZx3

    It would be much more surprising if the MB was not infiltrating our government. Every enemy this nation has ever had has infiltrated every institution we have. It is the downside of having open borders with individual liberty as the basis of our society. Read the Venona files, and you will learn that McCarthy was exactly correct in what he was saying about communist infiltration of media, education, entertainment and government. We are still suffering from being asleep at the wheel from those episodes. The price of freedom is constant vigilance and a willingness to fight to preserve it. I would rather have a rep like Bachman than one who does not take the threats seriously. Freedom is the issue, no other. If our elected officials do not value freedom enough to fight for it, vote them out. NOW!! while we still have the ballot.

  • Marie Grippy

    I would say to Senator McCain that Obama got it wrong in Egypt and with the “Muslim Brotherhood” he was wrong and so was McCain. BO has embraced these people, they want nothing but to bring down America. John McCain better take step back and look at things from both sides, and then make his statements….because if anything happens in this Country by them John McCain and everyone who embraced them and that includes BO will be held accountable.

  • lovefreedom

    boy I’m glad to see that intolerance and fear still rule among the so called christian faithful. makes you glad to be an american doesn’t it

  • Carl

    I’m not surprised that McCain sided with obama on the muslim brotherhood. He is a RINO and as much of a detriment to our nation as any of the other fruit loops in DC. I didn’t vote for him in the primary but had to pick the lesser of two evils in the general election. It sucks to have to make choices like that. Here we go again! Rick Santorum didn’t win the primary and now we have the lesser of two evils to vote for!

  • Tom

    It’s truly frightening to see the fear, ignorance, hatred, and bigotry displayed here by so many people. Do they know the first thing about Islam? People like Bachmann just need someone to hate. “Communists,” “Socialists,” gays, liberals, Muslims, Obama……what or who will they hate next? Please tell me, fellow Christians: where in the Bible do you find Jesus advocating hatred?

  • Carl


    How about reading the Old Testament. God gives direction on taking the Holy Land to His people. It isn’t about hate, it’s about preserving our nation. They are the enemy, treat them as they should be treated. Being pacifist and politically correct is what has gotten this nation in the shape it’s in.

  • JLyon

    OK, Carl, if they are the enemy then you should pray for them, and love them according to Jesus. But you aren’t a good enough Christian to follow Jesus teachings, so you have to find something to justify your hatred…funny how you think God condones hatred.

  • Ron Edge

    Here’s her response:


    For those who care about that ‘fairness’ thing many whine about but ONLY when it comes to Islamists and their supporters: NEVER when it comes to those who really DO stand up for Freedom of Speech, et al…

  • Ron Edge

    PS: And, no…. I’ll be voting for Romney. It’s just that the half-truths, when not outright lies, of the Dhimmis in Congress, Press, et al, is SO tiresome.

  • Carl


    Who are you to judge someone’s faith? Combining liberalism with Christianity is insane! I guess you only read the parts of the Bible that you think fits your doctrine. How about the money changers in the Temple? How about calling the Samaritans dogs? I guess Jesus would be considered intolerant by your standards? If you read the whole Bible and not just parts, then you will have a better understanding of what God’s Word really means. Having the Holy Spirit as your Teacher goes a long way to understanding.

  • smogdew

    I cannot believe this ‘news’ is just now coming to light……it was obvious over a year ago. Now Islamists/Muslims have a foothold -where are our politicians? -good Lord – open up your eyes.
    Muslims are suing Ray Kelly, Chief of Police of NYC and the police for NOT removing counter-terrorism training for NYC police – as it puts them in a bad light….(their reputation preceded them – check out what they’ve done to Wesern Europe).
    The West Palm Beach and other police departments in Florida are getting the same song and dance from Muslims but now they are throwing in that the ‘training might be against their religion……’ Everything Muslims/Islamists neither like nor want offends their Koran/religion’. Since the Koran was written in the 7th century, I cannot help but believe they add to it as they go along – realize, too, Islamists are allowed (by the Koran) to lie to anyone about anything as long as it gets them what they want – Islamization of the West.
    Know also, 58 law suits in the US were decided by Sharia law in 26 US States….a disgrace – seems our liberal lawyers/judges forgot why they went to law school.
    Finally, as a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, John McCain would do well to think twice before he speaks – he’s becoming an embarrassment.

  • Bighoss

    All right, smogdew, when you put up allegations that “58 law suits in the US were decided by Sharia law in 26 US States,” you have no reason to believe that anyone will take you seriously unless you put up at least some documentation to support what you are asserting.

    Just provide proof of one or two cases where any court established under state, county, or federal law based any ruling on Sharia law.

    Can you do it? I think not. But have a go.

  • gilhow

    Not fierce enough. She still has her job. John Boehner still keeps her on her committee appointments. Worst of all, the people of her Minnesota district keep rehiring her, the welfare queen whose husband takes all that federal money for his so-called psychological help in turning homosexuals into heterosexuals. But Bachmann is far from the only corrupt nut-case in our Congress. It’s a reflection on voters that she and those like her remain.

  • Carol Goodwin

    I am so sick and tired of the liberals sticking up for that fraud, Obama instead of kicking his butt out and seeing how the Muslim brotherhood has been taking over our country by getting away with their own agendas. Their beliefs are so very UN-American and anti constitution, they should all be deported! Michelle is correct and we should NOT be paying airfare for radical Islamists to visit OUR White House!

  • Ron S

    It is no surprise that many Americans are losing their religious affiliation (see accompanying article in this edition) upon reading the display of intolerance here. Bachmann is a politician, albeit an ignorant one, who is pandering to the religious right and in many respects is similar to the notorious alcoholic demagogue, Joseph McCarthy, who never exposed a single “Commie.” Many conservative Americans ignore their Constitution and consider their nation to be a Christian nation which it is not. We are secular and Muslims have the same rights to practice their religion as Christians and the opinion of many Christians that they have a privileged status in our nation is offensive.

    Perhaps readers should consider the comment made by Gandhi – “I like your Christ, but not your Christians. Your Christians are nothing like your Christ.”

  • N.

    I think most people commenting on this post are completely deluded, and not to mention clearly uneducated. First it was Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Hamas…now it’s the Muslim Brotherhood. Politicians (who obviously have clear interests and motives) and media are feeding you this crap and you’re taking it right in, with absolutely no evidence of it, or knowledge of the groups they’re talking about. I would like for any one here to tell me what the Muslim Brotherhood is, what their history is, what their statements say on Islam, Christians, etc, and what they believe their relationship should be with the United States. Don’t tell me so and so said the MB said this…get it straight from the source…and tell me, thus far, what the Muslim Brotherhood has done in Egypt to make you think they’re conspiring against the United States, and as some of you here said, all the Christians in the world. Of course, as a historian of Egypt and political analyst of Egyptian political affairs/social movements, I can answer all these questions, which is why I would never fall for this garbage. I challenge everyone to track what political fears you’ve had over the past 15 years or so..and see how it’s changed with what the media is feeding you…I bet you anything, you’re only going with the flow, maybe completely unaware. I know most won’t listen to a word I say, but I challenge everyone to actually do their own, independent research, from credible primary sources.