Mormons and Baptists compete for converts

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RNS photo courtesy the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

RNS photo courtesy the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (RNS) Every year, the Southern Baptist Convention and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints spend tens of millions of dollars to spread their takes on Christianity. They rely heavily on thousands of faithful volunteers willing to spread out across the country to share their faith. By Bob Smietana.

  • E B

    I suppose in the sense that both faiths are out trying to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ they are competitors, but speaking as a Mormon myself, Mormons don’t view Baptists in that light at all. Christ teaches love and fellowship.

  • Joseph

    True, the LDS battle is against sin, not against the positive efforts of Christianity.

  • victoria

    Having spoken to a few Mormon missionaries about their church’s excommunication and harrasment of Annalea Skarin, author of several books, and receiving absolutely blank stares in response to my question, I was not really that surprised, while waiting in line for a friend to get on a bus in Reno, Nevada, some 20 years ago, when I encountered a buxom redheaded frecklefaced middle-aged woman who shared with me that she was going to a well known “ranch” to provide services to men, for the second time. She unapologetically declared that she did this to raise the money for her sons’ missions. She claimed to be married to the same Mormon man for many years, who worked hard, but they needed the extra money so their sons could fulfill their duties as Mormons to pay for their missions, and that this was the most expedient way to get the money. She therefore believed that she was serving Jesus in this way. Apparently some devout Mormons do not share the wealth of folks like the Romneys, but will sacrifice to spread the word and gain converts.

  • Dromidaon

    Annalea Skarin was excommunicated for teaching doctrine as official which was contrary to the official doctrine of the LDS church. In this case she claimed that she could enter Heaven alive without following the commandments as stated in the Bible, rather she could do it through meditation. She than disappeared, leaving behind her clothing as if translated. Her husband shortly disappeared in a similar fashion.

    Her payments for her book publications did not disappear. Instead they were forwarded to a new address in Oregon and then California. The translated Skarin then died a real death in California where she was buried in Corning.

    The policy of the LDS church in handling incorrect teachings of doctrine is a several step process. The first is to inform the person what the actual doctrine is. If they continue to intentionally persist in teaching incorrect doctrine they can then be subject to a disciplinary council. If they continue then they can be excommunicated.

    The church helps with the cost of a mission, so the story of a person who would commit acts that the church teaches are so serious that it could also result in excommunication is most likely false. If someone did tell this to you they were most likely lying.

  • Vince

    The two biggest purveyors of Mormon theology were themselves polygamists, so that will forever be connected with the cult. Joseph Smith’s “revelations” themselves are dully documented farces that have no bearing in reality.