Religious leaders call for prayer and tighter gun control after Colorado shooting

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RNS photos by (left) Roger Barone (TRNS)/Flickr, (right) Flickr

RNS photos by (left) Roger Barone (TRNS)/Flickr, (right) Flickr

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(RNS) President Obama and his likely GOP challenger Mitt Romney called for prayers and reflection after a deadly shooting at a Colorado movie theater, while liberal religious leaders called for stricter gun control laws. By Daniel Burke.

  • Fran

    God’a kingdom or heavenly government is the only source of true peace and security and it will put an end to all the wickedness and evil on our planet.

  • gilhow

    We always hear these same cries after events like these, and then “we, the people” allow those we hire to do the work of our governing to do nothing. It is no surprise that people like members of the National Rifle Association are also members of the 1% benefit gang of Wall St. and political corruption. This is a broken record. The same reason corrective action is never taken is because “the people,” the voters, are too lazy and too ignorant about politics and government and continue to hire and rehire the same corrupt politicians to suck billions of dollars out of our taxes every year for doing absolutely nothing. This Congress is most guilty of that, especially the Republicans who lead this debacle of so-called legislative activity.

  • gilhow

    What about before the Colorado shooting, or any other? Instead of playing with elections, pretending to be advocating issues when they’re really advocating for and against particular politicians, violating their non-tax status, churches and religious people ought to prove some decency in religion by standing for issues like gun control. Those same leaders of the right are the biggest defenders of guns, guns, guns. We criminalize pot and almost anyone can easily obtain guns at their nearest Walmart, the largest company in the world, the richest family in the world..

  • jw

    Why is religion is getting in to politics pretty soon Jehovah God is going to crush all these goverments and False Religion will be Destroyed next time a Jehovah witness knock on your door Listen to what they have to say

  • gilhow

    JW: Is “Jehovah God” different than all the other gods? History provides no evidence that any gods had anything to do with the dissolution of a single government. People did that all on their own.

    As for “false religion,” that argument has been going on as long as mythology gave birth to religion. No matter how old or sophisticated religions become, they still battle. Crushing opposition is evil unless done in self-defense. So where’s the goodness in the gods or in religions?

  • Rev. Paul T. McCain

    In an evil world, evil people do evil things. I am thankful that in this nation I’m permitted to keep and bear arms to defend myself, my family and others. As a Lutheran Christian I view this as a way of being faithful to the commandments that tell me I am to help my neighbor to improve and protect his body and life and all that is his. Here is how Luther explains our duties according to the commandment, “You shall not murder” “We should fear and love God that we may not hurt nor harm our neighbor in his body, but help and befriend him in every bodily need [in every need and danger of life and body].” And here is how Luther explains our duty according to the seventh commandment, “You shall not steal.” “We should fear and love God that we may not take our neighbor’s money or property, nor get them by false ware or dealing, but help him to improve and protect his property and business [that his means are preserved and his condition is improved].” From the Small Catechism by Dr. Martin Luther, source.

  • Vince

    The Swedes are required to own guns and it just so happens their violent crime is one of the lowest worldwide (well, that’s been eroded somewhat due to the 100,000 influx in 3rd world immigrants they accept every year). Making it harder for the law-abiders to defend themselves does little to deter the criminals, bleeding hearts.

  • gilhow

    Prayer is not going to resolve the destruction of life and property that the National Rifle Association is very happy to see continuing while its leaders become wealthy by promoting the right to slaughter and destroy.

    God has nothing to do with it. It’s the affairs of people, those who defend guns, government leaders who take NRA money do do nothing to stop the sick slaughter and destruction, and all the lazy and ignorant people in this country who allow the NRA and their government to continue getting away with this slaughter and destruction.

    It has nothing to do with God or religion, only people and their government!

  • gilhow

    Fran: I’m still waiting to see “God’s kingdom or heavenly government” do something about all this rotten evil caused by humans and allowed to continue by humans.

    It’s criminal negligence of “We, the People” of our own responsibility to take corrective action about such conditions promoted by the NRA and allowed by their do-nothing lackeys in government. We stand by an allow those people to enrich themselves at the cost of others’ lives and the destruction of property.

    God has nothing to do with this madness. It’s all the reckless business of people. You are as guilty as the NRA, our negligent government, and others in this nation when you put it off and wait for God to intervene.

  • gilhow

    Vince: I guess you’re proving that rules of behavior are required. Don’t let your bigotry show by blaming it on any so-called “3rd world.” It’s culture. And it takes time, generations, for rules to impress a culture and be effective. The U.S. has always defied legislating such rules.

    Our right to bear arms was amended to the Constitution at a time when the country was fresh out of the experience of the wicked British government using arms to force “taxation without representation.” Try using all the guns and ammunition you can easily purchase against a government with nuclear weapons.

    Civilian government, right? Wrong! Consider how very much our own government violates our Constitution and laws that have been added to it. Consider the latest travesties of our Supreme Court declaring that money is speech and corporations are people. What hope is there when we accept these violations of the very principles against which we revolted in 1776?