New $6.5 million GOP campaign targets Jewish voters

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RNS photos by (left) Roger Barone (TRNS)/Flickr, (right) Flickr

RNS photos by (left) Roger Barone (TRNS)/Flickr, (right) Flickr

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(RNS) The Republican Jewish Coalition has launched a $6.5 million ad campaign, titled “My Buyer’s Remorse,” targeting Jewish voters in battleground states who have changed their minds about Obama. By Steve Strunsky.

  • Joan Hritz

    Here’s a bit of information for your organization. I am Jewish and yesterday I proudly cast my early vote for the Obama/Biden team. I think Romney/Ryan are among the worst candidates every presented by the GOP, which, unfortunately, has swung to the very far right. There are many reasons why I believe this. Among the chief ones are the horrendous disdain shown for women as demonstrated by the GOP attempts to deny reproductive rights which my generation fought for 40 years ago, and the opposition to the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to ensure women of the same pay men receive for the same job.
    And, oh yes, I am a member of the 47% of Americans, the majority of whom have been tax-paying, productive citizens. I now am on Social Security, which I earned as a right during my many years of employment. I find it particularly disgusting when your candidates’ attempt to portray us as leeches on the dole rather than as the responsible Americans we are.
    Of course, you will not answer me or show any regard for my opinions. Just do me the favor of not sending any more of your stupidly incorrect and irresponsible ads.

  • David Platkin

    I am Jewish also and I my entire family will cast their vote for President Obama.

    Let’s be honest here, as much of a problem as you have with Obama, only the most insane and detached think that Mitt Romney will do a better job.

    I’m embarrassed by older Jewish people in my community who admitted they they would never vote for President Obama just because he is black.