1 in 5 Americans Now Says No to Religion

According to a Pew survey released this month, 19% of Americans can be classified as “nones,” confessing no religion. People in the church have responded with predictable handwringing and frustration to the idea of secularization, while secular “free thought” blogs are crowing that the end of affiliation in America means the death of faith. Both sides are wrong.

Mormon Democrats in Utah

Before it became a state in 1896, Utah had two political parties–the Peoples Party for the Mormons and the Liberal Party for those they called Gentiles. And over the past few decades, the state has pretty much restored that old political order, with the Saints gathered unto the GOP and Democratic Party largely confined to the, uh, Gentiles

Women’s Gymnastics Predictions for the US Olympic Team

Yeah, so this post has nothing to do with religion. But it's the Olympics, people! As someone who has spent way too many hours watching gymnastics, I'm gearing up for the Olympics like it's a part-time job. Here's a viewer's guide to the U.S. women's Olympic gymnastics team.

Muslim man murdered in India’s Assam state

Clashes have broken out between the Bodo people and a nearby Muslim community. One Muslim man was first shot and then hacked to death in front of his young wife; his killers were sending a message. The murder of four Bodo men, allegedly by Muslims, sparked the clashes. Al Jazeera's Prerna Suri reports