Church no place for high school graduations

One of the possibly unintended consequences of the megachurch phenomenon is that there are now all these huge air-conditioned, sound system-equipped auditoriums available for rental by public school departments for the purpose of holdinng graduation ceremonies. And as some have availed themselves of the facilities, so as night follows day, there have been lawsuits challenging the practice. partners with NPR affiliate KBIA 91.3


July 25, 2012
Contact: Tiffany McCallen

(Columbia, Mo.) — When launches this month—the third community religion news site from nonprofit Religion News LLC—fans of faith and values news will find well-crafted religion news coverage. They’ll also regularly hear professional, radio-style news stories, thanks to a new partnership with local NPR affiliate KBIA 91.3 FM. The partnership is the brainchild of RNLLC President Debra L. Mason and KBIA News Director Janet Saidi, who have both played roles in similar agreements with other media outlets. ColumbiaFAVS Editor Kellie Kotraba will oversee the weekly audio briefs and longer features that will be on both KBIA and the local “Stories about faith and values in our culture are some of the most important stories playing out in our communities, and I think public radio is the perfect venue for those stories, and to nurture the connections and conversations between the faith community and the media,” said Saidi.

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Olympics ceremony won’t include moment for murdered Israelis

JERUSALEM (RNS) Despite international pressure — including support from both U.S. presidential candidates — the International Olympic Committee has refused to include a moment of silence at Friday's opening ceremony to honor Israeli athletes killed by terrorists at the games 40 years ago. By Michele Chabin.

PregMANcy: Christian Piatt Talks About His New Memoir for Dads

Christian Piatt didn't want to be a father a second time. But when his wife got pregnant, he decided to write about pregnancy from a man's POV, resulting in the funny and honest memoir PregMANcy: A Dad, a Little Dude, and a Due Date. Here he talks to FS about the ups and downs of being an expecting dad.

Boykin Wonders if Obama is a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood

Family Research Council’s new vice president Jerry Boykin has a penchant for making bizarre, conspiratorial claims about President Obama and extremist attacks on Muslims, and at a Massachusetts synagogue last week even wondered whether President Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Responding to a questioner who asked if Obama is “a member of the Muslim Brotherhood,” Boykin replied, “you probably don’t know, and my answer is, I don’t know.”  Video courtesy of Right Wing Watch