August 6, 2012

Legacy of Vatican II at heart of dispute between Vatican, U.S. nuns

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RNS photo courtesy Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

RNS photo courtesy Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

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AMITYVILLE, N.Y. (RNS) Some critics say many Catholic sisters have been using the Second Vatican Council to justify positions and activities that are in conflict with official church teachings, but some nuns say they are living by Vatican II's call to get out of the convent and into the community. By Kim Lawton of Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.

  • frank

    This article is nothing but a bunch of lies. Read ‘Ungodly Rage’ by Donna Steichem and then you’ll understand the real reason for the demise of women religious throughout the world. These feminist nuns do not follow Vatican II but FALSE SPIRIT of Vatican II. The Council never told nuns to leave the convent and embrace the world, nor did they recommend that they abandon the habit. These are outright lies and distortions of the truth. What this article will not tell you is that these liberal communities of nuns have not experienced vocations in years, and their communities are dying out. Their median age is over 65 and they do not seem to care. The communities that ARE experiencing vocations are those who are faithful to the Holy Father, have a commitment to prayer, and who retain the religious habit. These other Orders have been defiant for years, and it is only a matter of time before they declare an open schism. And I say let them go. Pope Benedict said he desired a smaller, more purer Church. He obviously foresaw this coming. So let us all pray for nuns everywhere, that they remain faithful to the Holy Father. The time is coming when we all must choose sides. God or mammon. Which will it be?

  • gilcan

    The war goes on between those who want to remain in a Dark Ages church jumping up and down to the meaningless noise of Latin–with a speck of Greek thrown in–the ancient smoke of incense, all the other hocus-pocus that went with it, and those who want church to make sense, those who want church to represent the Gospels, those who have matured and outgrown the imitation of European monarchy with its miter crowns. The ancient creeds have become meaningless because one creed cannot fit all mimes. Magisterium makes no sense. Religious beliefs cannot be dictated from a headquarters.

    The war that has so sadly been the history of religion will continue, war of belief and practice, as long as any try to force others to mimic them. War that is such a misfit in religion. Separation with mutual respect would be sacred. It should never have been considered schism. Schism gives natural, respectable differences an undeserved bad name.

  • gilcan

    “Male hierarchy” is the crux of the problem, that and the pretense of forced celibacy.