I am a Christian and totally believe in the separation of church and state. So, NO, I don’t think prayers of any kind should be said at governmental/secular meetings. But as for this idiot wanting $$ for “My distress from this discrimination, exclusion and rejection have reduced my ability to enjoy living and participating in a democratic country and in municipal affairs,” I think that’s TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!!! GET OVER YOURSELF!

  • offended by your offence

    My question to Mr. Ferguson is this, exactly why do you find the lords prayer so terribly offencive to the extent that it causes him “anguish… [and to feel] regection, and loss of enjoyment of life.”? Surly these viseral emotions don’t flow solely come from his sence of fairness and his consern for the law of the land? Much more likely he feels so strongly about this issue because they violate his own beliefs that there is no god. So his arguement is reduced to I don’t believe in a god and I’m going to try my hardest to impead the voicing of others beliefs that run contrary to my own in a public forum because I want to live in an athiest bubble. Where my beliefs aren’t rejected, causing a loss of enjoyment of life. Yep that sound about right and a whole lot closer to the truth, don’t you think?

  • unworthy7

    Why doesn’t Peter Ferguson just show up for the meetng AFTER the opening prayer?
    Or, wear ear plugs while it’s being recited?
    Or, just stay home and watch People’s Court.
    He’s just out to make money.