• frequentwind

    (a) Asking Americans to pronounce Sikh as “sick with a hard h at the end” is a recipe for…well, not disaster, but mispronunication. Americans can’t pronounce Chanukah correctly, you think we’re going to be able to do this? Using the “acceptable” pronunciation of “seek” is a better option than hearing reporters say, “The sick individuals killed last week at a sick temple will be laid to rest in a sick ceremony, local sick leaders say.” If we are ok with the non-word “yamaka” for skullcap, “seek” will be fine too.
    (b) Allowing students to opt out of assignments is not an unintended consequence. It’s the whole point – students can object to evolution and therefore not have to take such a class. What’s unintended is when Muslim students start saying they won’t dissect a fetal pig, or atheist students start saying they won’t read the Bible as literature. Also known as being hoisted on your own petard. Like the Louisiana legislator who didn’t realize school vouchers would be used for Muslim schools, not just the Christian ones she intended.